Tuesday, March 3, 2009

The Night Shift Here at MountainShadow

Just about every morning when I wake up, I find large bags of beads scattered on my stairs. While I'm sound asleep, my cat Sabrina, is busy working downstairs in my "bead room". I'd like to think that she is trying to help me but I'm pretty sure that it's some primal instinct that keeps her busy working with the beads. I'd prefer her to be snuggling with me. After all, we spend a good deal of our day down there already. Of course most of the day, she is asleep. So, as long as I don't close the door, she is busy in my basement, working the night shift, choosing just the right bag of beads to carry up to me.

Sabrina is a great little cat. We adopted her three years ago after losing our 17 year old kitty. She was a hurricane rescue, most likely from hurricane Katrina. We were told that she had most likely been born either just before or just after the hurricane. She was at the shelter with her whole litter. I had sold quite a bit of jewelry and beads on Ebay and donated all the proceeds to the Humane Society of the United States. Not that I expected anything in return, but we were blessed with such a great fun cat.

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UUendy said...

I can totally "sympathize" with you!! My 2 cats manage, no matter what I do, to get into my yarn supplies. I find it in the hallway and bathroom most times. One year it was wrapped around our Christmas tree!! My youngest cat is also very good at finding my "spilled" beads if they are large enough. Otherwise, they do the same as yours; curl up and sleep wherever I happen to be crafting. My cats and dogs are all rescued. I think they have the most love to give and I have always felt they are very special. Congrats on your donation. They can use all the money they can get and volunteers.