Wednesday, February 11, 2009

I'm Back With Lots of New Goodies!

Well, the Tucson trip went really well. I have a lot of new Czech Glass Beads as well as a few Vintage Lucite Beads. I left half of the Czech beads down in Arizona so that my mom could pack them in little bags for me (thanks mom). I also didn't want to check them in my bag when we flew home. I always worry about the bag getting lost and to carry them on is difficult because of the weight. On a recent trip last fall, I carried on a large bag of glass beads. When I went through security, I guess it must have looked odd to them on the x-ray and my bag ended up having to be hand searched. The look on the TSA guys face was pretty funny when he opened the bag of beads after first "squishing" them around with his hands.

I'll be listing the new beads slowly over the next few days. You'll be able to find them in my "new arrivals" area of my Etsy shop.

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